• Nutserlar Lim

Clean Bandit - I Miss You feat. Julia Michaels | Nutserlar Lim, Wei Li Cheah & Annabel Tiu COVER

It took quite a bit of work

and time and lots of trial and error

to make this happen.

Because of that I'm so grateful

to everyone who's involved in this masterpiece.

So thank you,

WLi Cheah,

Derek Patrick,

Annabel Eliza Tiu,

Foo Wei Jien,


and my baobee Kurisu Crs.

Thank you so so much

for making this cover come true.

In the end,

hope you enjoy this cover.

Don't forget to give it a big thumbs up,

and share it to all you friends.

Original by Clean Bandit feat. Julia Michaels

Arranged by Wei Li Cheah Mixing and mastering by Derek Patrick Video by HNDR


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