Sorry - Justin Bieber (Cover)

I got to say, I'm really lucky to have "Daniel Lee", to do this cover with me, "Sorry by Justin Bieber". I'm sure all of you know who he is. he is the champion of Malaysian idol session 2 in 2005. I remember watching him sing "mimpi" and "heaven know" during the competition. Please check out his youtube channel here.

ow ya, if you're wondering where this amazing cafe is, it is "JC expresso coffee". the owner of the restaurant had the cafe decorated so beautifully. i felt so comfortable surrounded with good music, smell of coffee and arts on the wall.

also, Daniel Lee teaches Ukulele classes at Jc expresso coffee sometimes. feel free to leave a message at the facebook messenger, if you're interested to join them.

i would like thank everyone below here, from helping me complete this cover. please do continue to support us. :)

music director: Daniel lee

music video director: kurisu

producer: bobok

makeup artist: Seven

all the official video is below, please don't forget to give a thumb up and subscribe to our new youtube channel, "vivox Production". see you in my next video.



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