Me & Domesky

Yoohoo!! Domesky is now in Malaysia too! Domesky was established in Korea. They have got the best quality lifestyle products from Korea with the most affordable prices. Currently they already have three branches in Malaysia.

I'm so glad that I can be part of Domesky. I was having so much fun during the shooting, everyone was so nice. However, it was a bit of challenge during the shoot, "kid".

I have to admit, I'm really not so good with kids. Well, I was playing in role as a wife and a mom with a kid. I was spending two hours trying to be her friend, talked to her, played with her, I even used the old school trick, CANDY. It worked, after two hours... What can I say? Being a mom is not easy.

However, playing a role as a wife was easy. I was really lucky to have such a good-looking husband, with such a body shape. I mean, girls, you should really check him out.

Also, I've had a chance to do my first makeup tutorial with Domesky. Honestly, I really need to firgure out the angle of putting makeup in front of a videocamera. Still, I hope you can support my first makeup tutorial, quickly check out the video below and also let me know whether you like me to do some makeup tutorial.

Of course, I'd never forget to do some Vlog for this memorable day. I've posted a behind the scene video on my youtube a few months ago. You can also get to enjoy some of my live rehearsal from the video. Please go check it out if you haven't already.

I've also listed down their facebook and website links right below, happy shopping guys :).

Domesky facebook HERE

Domesky website HERE



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