2017 CNY Showcase

Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year!!! I've been trying to edit the video for the whole day, so that I can post on the first day of CNY. So here's the live performance of me and three pretty girls, May Mow, Z Yan and Celist with the amazing WVC.

Honestly, it's been quite challenging for me, because you got to really sing it like you're celebrating when you sing CNY songs. Besides that, I'm so honoured to have our music director, Che Xiang, to rearrange all of the songs for us.

Also, thank you go Lim, for such amazing photos.

1. 贺新年 2. 可爱的玫瑰花 3. 欢乐今宵 4. 桃花朵朵开 5. 我看见了春风



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