The Voice 决战好声 Battle Round

I totally dig and obsessed with this new look! i wish i could've kept the denim top. credits to the stylist and makeup artists, love you guys!

It's an honour and privilege to partner with Daniel Sher 丹尼尔, Although i wish i didn't have to battle him because he's one of my favourite contestant.

partnering with Daniel was really fun and he's such a talented performer. unfortunately, our time together was short due to the battle round.

It is a competition, in the end, you win some, you lose some. i broke down terribly after i lost. as embarrassing as it it, i have no regrets. although i wasn't ready to leave the stage and the coaches.

Thank you

i just wanna say thank to very single one of you, who have been supporting me since i started singing.

most importantly, my family. my family is everything to me. i love you guys.

thanks to my boyfriend, Kurisu for always supporting me and have my back. i love you.

and i also want to thank my coach, hanjin. thank you for having me in you team. that's one of the coolest thing and most honourable thingthat have ever happened to me. love you!!

and of course, my friends who have been helping through out the competition. thank you Shevy Gan for guiding me how to sing this song. thank you simon chan,for writing the rap for me which interprets exactly how i was feeling. thank you Wei Li Cheah, kny low and laura lim for your supports and precious advice. losing the competition is very dishearening but i'm not giving up. i'm gonna keep fighting!

alright everybody! enjoy the video. please don't forget to leave a thumbs up for a little support. see you guys in my next performance, stay tuned, love you guys. :)



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