Can't believe it's already the seventh day of 2018.

Suddenly I feel so old. Oh no!!

Well... 2017... it was quite something. Lots of "unexpected" things happened to me.

There were lots of fun, but... bitter at the same time.

1. The Voice

I've joint one of the biggest singing competition in the world. The Voice! Still can't believe I actually did it. Honestly, I'm not sure whether I'd have the guts to do it again. But I can't deny, it was so much fun performing with awesome music director and musicians. And the contestants, they are all so talented, love every single one of them.

2. New Family

I've met lots of awesome people. I've learnt SO MUCH from them. Although we know each other less than a year, but they take good care of me and I love them like family. In fact, it's more than friends, we are family. Thank you all so much! You know who you are. Love you.

3. Demo Location

- I kinda have a band, which we're gonna temporary call it "Demo Location". Why "Demo Location"? Uh... I'll explain to you next time. (long story)

4. Disaster I injured my vocal chords. Vocalists!!! Please take good care of your instrument! Trust me! You DO NOT want to experience it in your whole life. It was awfully painful. The doctor put a pipe with a tiny camera, through my nose to my throat. Both sides of my nose, so it was twice. I didn't allowed to sing or speak for two weeks, I had to take care of my diet. Absolutely no fried food or spicy food at all. My condition was so serious that I had to cancel my shows.

5. My Baobee Our relationship is stronger now, and because of what happened, we realised how much we love each other. We've learnt to cherish and appreciate each other even more now. It was really tough for both of us in 2017. Something really bad happened to us, it was a nightmare. I do believe everything happen for a reason. I'm so glad we found our way back to each other.

Despite all the bad things, I'd say 2017 was not that bad to me overall. Maybe because I'm more optimistic now, which... is a good thing.

I did have lots of great time, and I did achieve something in 2017. I'm stronger now.

2018 is gonna be a great year.

We definitely don't need to wait for a new year to have a fresh new start.

So if you haven't listed down your 2018 resolutions, why not do it right now?

Good luck everybody!




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